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You can now book your round the world trip online without wasting hours of effort playing with mileage calculators or deciphering round the world airfare rules. Leave that up to the experts, all you need to do is work out where you want to go around the world along with an idea of proposed dates or durations and we can match that up to the best round the world ticket for you. It's that easy!

Now is the time to finalise any bookings for travel up until October now that the earlybird sales are out of the way pricing will tend upwards as you get closer to departure. It is also the ideal time to start thinking about advanced reservations for a trip in the busy December/January school holidays with flight availability starting to come out. 


RTW Airfare Market Update:

SWISS, Lufthansa and Austrian Round the World Airfares:

Lufthansa have released a fantastic Easter Sale RTW airfare from just $2096 including taxes in low season. This ever popular basic round the world ticket opens up a number of route options with the cheapest fares encompassing Asia, Europe and North America. Many more route combinations are possible and our expert consultants can help you maximise a basic ticket to suit your route. Book by 27 April! 

The SWISS round the world fare is fantastic value for money and the most popular fare on the market from $2143 including taxes. This fare covers 3 continents with 1 stop in each and can be structured to create an excellent skeleton itinerary with a lot of route options. It can be combined with Lufthansa and Austrian for additional availability. The cheapest departure season is September-November but great rates are still available outside of these dates.

More information on the SWISS round the world fare. Book by 30 April! Full payment within 3 days of reservation.

Both of these fares can be combined with the Austrian round the world fares from $2258 including taxes. Our expert consultants will help you combine these fares to maximise their route possibilities and minimise pricing for your itinerary.

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Finnair Round the World Airfare

The Finnair round the world ticket is seeing huge growth with those unlocking the potential of this fare, particularly in the US and North Asia. It is ideal for those looking to accrue Qantas status credits and frequent flyer points, with Qantas and oneworld partners helping Finnair complete their route map to include Australia.

The Finnair ticket starts from just $2384 including taxes. The major point of difference with Finnair is the included internal US flights and additional stops on offer here compared to the SWISS, Lufthansa and Austrian fares. It is excellent for those looking for a stop in Hawaii and mainland USA. Current specials are seasonal with low season in May and September/October but great pricing is available at other times, enquire with our consultants for more info. 

More information on the Finnair round the world airfare.

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No VISA/Mastercard fees with RoundAbout Travel

Pay by VISA/Mastercard with no credit card fees! Other travel agents will sting you betweeen 1.5% and 2% to pay using the convenience of a credit card. At RoundAbout Travel we are waiving fees on VISA/Mastercard! AMEX is available for a surcharge.

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What's Next?

So, the real question is...where in the world do you want to go? Do those destinations fit into a round the world trip? The most important thing is that your itinerary includes travel in a continuous direction between continents and that your travel has you crossing both the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans.

Don't worry if that sounds a bit complicated, just get an idea of a few destinations around the world that you wish to visit and head straight for our Book My Trip section which will help piece it together in order. From there one of our experts can plan your round the world itinerary within 1 business day. We'll look at where you want to go and recommend the best around the world fare for your itinerary.


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Airfare Deals

Lufthansa RTW

Lufthansa have one of the most popular round the world tickets on the market. Their basic round the world ticket will take you to 3 continents with Europe as a necessary continent in the middle of the trip. South America, Africa, Asia and North America may be combined with hundreds of route options available for great prices. Lead in rate combined with SWISS across the Atlantic to reduce pricing.

Price from$2096.00A

SWISS Airlines RTW

SWISS Airlines is our most popular round the world ticket, with many route options, great prices year round and good availability they remain the number one basic round the world airfare.

Price from$2143.00A

Austrian RTW

Austrian have entered the round the world game as part of the Lufthansa group. More routes are available than previously including popular routes as via Toronto. Year round pricing and a 12 month ticket.

Price from$2258.00A

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Finnair to fly to Miami

Popular round the world carrier Finnair are adding a seasonal service to Miami, opening up more options for those headed on cruises or the Disneyland.

Qantas Seat Selection

Booking a ticket with Qantas flights included? If so read on for more information regarding pre-allocating Qantas seats and potential charges involved.

News from SWISS Air

Update from popular RTW partner SWISS Air

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