We source and compare accommodation from major online wholesalers including Expedia, TravelCube and Excite, taking the hassle out of your accommodation search for you. For unique destinations we also use a range of region specialist wholesalers such as Beyond Travel who specialise on Eastern Europe, Bench Africa, and Asia specialist Wendy Wu. Using accredited Travel Agent programs such at the Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Programme, our service is at no additional cost to you.

Wherever you are travelling, we do the research and narrow down the best accommodation options to suit your budget, preferred standard and location. Your consultation includes analysis of Trip Advisor  reviews to showcase what other passengers have to say along with our own personal knowledge with years of experience booking accommodation for clients and a team that has travelled extensively across the globe. As experts in the field we provide you with tips in every city to ensure you get the best accommodation option for you.  Once your booking is made we also handle any amendments/cancellations on your behalf.

Ace Hotel, LA

Ace Hotel, LA. Photo: Los Angeles Tourism Board

Payment is charged to your credit card at the time of booking in Australian dollars, with no additional credit card fees from ourselves or our suppliers.

As with our Flights service. Our concierge department has a 1 business day response guarantee. You can be assured that we will respond to your enquiries in an efficient and timely manner.

To discuss your Accommodation needs contact our experienced Concierge Team concierge@roundabouttravel.com.au

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