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Round the World with RoundAbout Travel

Round the World Airfares On Sale from $1997 inc Taxes!

Business Class RTW On Sale from $6244 inc Taxes!

**Enquire this long weekend and book by 30 January! 1 Business Day service guarantee all inquiries replied to by Tuesday **


Welcome to a new way of booking your round the world holiday! Tired of dealing with travel agents that don't have the knowledge, expertise or the time to book your round the world holiday? Why pay for shop front agencies overheads in your ticket price when you can plan and book your round the world trip from the comfort of your home or office.


Read on for detailed round the world airfare info, or skip the detail and send through your preferred destinations, dates and details and we'll do the legwork for you working out the best available round the world fare for your trip! 


Round the World Airfares...

√ Value   √ Increased Flexibility   √ Tailored Itineraries   √ Endless Possibilities

Round the World with RoundAbout Travel

At RoundAbout Travel you can either look at a pre-packaged round the world special with a number of carriers or look at a custom round the world booking utilising one of the airfare alliances. With RoundAbout Travel we use our 'Book My Trip' tool to plan your stopovers and route. That is then submitted to one of our expert consultants to plan your round the world holiday. Pricing and itineraries are sent back to you to make any adjustments or we might even have some questions or comments on how to save you money or get more out of your ticket.

Let's Do It! Prefer for one of our agents to work the best fare for you? Jump Straight to our 'Book My Trip' Tool.

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Why Book with RoundAbout Travel?

√ Experienced Travel Consultants   √ Aus' Only RTW Travel Specialists  

√ No Service Fees  √ No Visa/MasterCard Fees

√ The Only Travel Agency to Guarantee Their Service!

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Economy Class Deals 


SWISS Earlybird Round the World Airfare Special:

The SWISS RTW fare also has fantastic prices from only $1997 including taxes with some unique route options, RoundAbout Travel recommend that anyone looking to secure this deal books as soon as possible as it's a very popular ticket and lead in rates book out in advance. This is great for basic round the world trips with 1 stop in each continent. This can be combined with Austrian and Lufthansa to help find more availability. This fare is ideal for year round departures. 

More information on the SWISS Airlines Round the World Airfare. Book by 30 January.


Lufthansa Round the World     

Lufthansa Round the World Airfare:

Round the World from $2194 with taxes is based on the Lufthansa earlybird round the world airfare. Price is based on taxes for Frankfurt and Los Angeles. Many other routes are available with pricing varying depending on the taxes associated with your preferred route. Let us know what your ideal route is and our expert consultants will advise where to chop and change and what we should book and what you can book seperately to maximise your savings and structure your trip as effectively as possible. You can now even add stopovers in Hawaii or Auckland!

Find out more information on the Lufthansa basic round the world airfare sale.

** NEW - Lufthansa premium economy upgrades available. Click for more information on the Lufthansa premium economy round the world. Launch special from $4286 including taxes, book by 30 January** 

Etihad round the world Virgin Australia round the world

Etihad Round the World Sale!

Etihad have released an excellent round the world sale fare to select European and US destinations with optional stopovers in Abu Dhabi and/or Singapore. The pricing is excellent from just $2356 including taxes per person in low season. Ideal for Velocity frequent flyer members.

More information on the Etihad round the world airfare sale


Austrian Airlines RTW Logo  Lufthansa Round the World  Swiss Airlines Logo small

Austrian Earlybird Round the World

Round the World from $2023 including taxes is based on a combo fare with Austrian and SWISS. Both airlines feature economy class with in-seat TVs and an extensive network via their hub cities of Vienna, Frankfurt and Zurich. They utilise Thai and Qantas to create this fantastic deal although some other routes and carrier combinations are possible.

More information on the Austrian round the world earlybird sale.


Qantas Round the World    Emirates logo  BA Logo

Qantas, Emirates & BA Round the World Airfare: 

Qantas have a basic RTW fare from $2959 including taxes in low season. 3 stops included in the base fare with an option to add additional stops along the way for $100 + taxes. This is a first for these fares that have previously had a maximum of 3 stops. 2 pieces of luggage are included on the Qantas flights, with BA charging a GBP65 fee for a 2nd bag on their trans-Atlantic flight. This makes it the most generous round the world fare for baggage allowance and ideal for Qantas frequent flyers who are wanting to pay a premium to stick to Qantas throughout. 

Find out more about the Qantas Round the World Airfare

Premium Economy On Sale with a wide range of sale departure dates! From $6068 including taxes.


FinnAir Logo  

Finnair Round the World Airfare - 2015 Earlybird

The Finnair round the world ticket is seeing huge growth with those unlocking the potential of this fare, particularly in the US and North Asia. It is ideal for those looking to accrue Qantas status credits and frequent flyer points, with Qantas and oneworld partners helping Finnair complete their route map to include Australia.

The Finnair ticket starts from just $2557 including taxes. The major points of difference with Finnair are the included internal US flights and additional stops on offer here compared to the SWISS, Lufthansa and Austrian fares. It is excellent for those looking for a stop in Hawaii and mainland USA. Current specials are seasonal with low season from 16 January - 3 June but great pricing is available at other times, enquire with our consultants for more info. 

More information on the Finnair round the world airfare. 

Not sure which airfare is right for you? That's not a problem - we can handle that side of things. Either use our Basic Enquiry form or you can fill in the more detailed Trip Planner.


Business Class Round the World Sale Airfares

Lufthansa Round the World  

Lufthansa Business Class RTW Sale from $6481

More routes are available using the Lufthansa business class fare from $6481 with taxes. More sale routes than ever before! Stopovers in Auckland are also now possible. With Lufthansa you can incorporate many sectors on A380s and also try the new 747-800. A380s have been retrofitted with new business class flat beds with more A340s and A330 routes coming on all the time, enquire and we can confirm with product notes for your route and dates.

More information on the Lufthansa business class RTW sale fare.

**Book by 30 January!!**

Swiss Airlines Logo small 

Round the World Business Class Sale!

Business Class Round the World from $6392 including taxes is based on the SWISS business class round the world ticket. The taxes are based on stops in Zurich and Vancouver but more routes are available and many more stopover options than the lead in combo, such as India, Japan and Hong Kong. A return flight from Zurich to one or two destinations in Europe (you may have a gap in between destinations) is permitted for additional taxes. Additional Asian and North American stopovers are available. Our most popular business class rtw! Experience flat bed comfort for less! 

** NEW!! Ask about a stopover in Auckland **

**Book by 30 January!!**

More information on the Swiss Air business class round the world.


Austrian Airlines RTW Logo   

Austrian/SWISS Business Class RTW

Business class Round the World from $6244 including taxes is based on a combo fare with Austrian and SWISS. Both airlines feature fully flat beds and utilise Thai/Air Canada to create this fantastic deal. Other options with various carriers are possible, enquire with your preferred route and our expert consultants will work out the best combination for your situation.

More information on the Austrian+Swiss business class round the world sale

**Book by 30 January**


Qantas Round the World    Emirates logo  BA Logo

Qantas, Emirates & BA Business Class Round the World: 

Qantas have rereleased their RTW fare from $9477 including taxes in low season. 3 stops included in the base fare with an option to add additional stops along the way for $100 + taxes. This new price represent a significant price decrease by Qantas and their fare is ideal for those looking for direct flights, premium product and maximum Qantas frequent flyer points and status credits. 600-700+ status credits are up for grabs on this fare!

Find out more about the Qantas Business Class Round the World Airfare.


FinnAir Logo  

FinnAir Business Class RTW from $7547

FinnAir is the best option for the oneworld purists. Whilst a little bit more expensive than SWISS and Austrian it does provide some internal flights in the USA in business class and a number of unique Asian stopovers. With pricing from $7547 including taxes the Finnair business class round the world fare is the cheapest option on a full oneworld itinerary. You can accrue an impressive number of oneworld status credits without paying the $13k+ price tag to go to a full oneworld fare. Excellent to help retain a high oneworld status. 

Read on for more information and inquiry details for the FinnAir business class round the world airfare.


More Economy Class, Business Class or First Class round the world airfare information.



Why Book with RoundAbout Travel?

Expert Knowledge. RoundAbout Travel is Australia's only dedicated round the world experts. This means you're getting the best advice about round the world airfares. Most travel agencies, online & offline, deal wiith all airfares meaning they never get significant exposure to the complex nature of round the world airfares. This can lead to mistakes, long delays in getting quotes, high prices

Experience. At RoundAbout Travel our staff have a minimum of 8 years experience with round the world airfares. The average rate of attrition with many travel companies is 50% per annum...can you afford for a novice or trainee travel agent to book your round the world trip?

Support. RoundAbout Travel offers both support during the booking process as well as when you travel. Many fares offer free dates changes and we can facilitate that via email with ease whilst you are overseas.

Efficiency & Technology. RoundAbout Travel use our simple and easy to use 'Book My Trip' and 'View My Trip' online tools to deliver swift service. You can log on, send comments to your consultant, download your latest booking itinerary and invoice and make payment all online. Why waste time in shopping centres or having unreturned phone calls from your high street travel agency when you can use the efficiency of the internet to leverage your time.

Buying Power. You may be asking, how does an independant online travel agent have the buying power of a travel agency chain? RoundAbout Travel utilises the Indepedent Agents buying group of over 700 travel agents in Australia. This gives us the access to all the best fares.

So what are you waiting for? Use our 'Book My Trip' tool to start planning your round the world holiday today or fill in our Basic Enquiry form.


Who are RoundAbout Travel?

RoundAbout Travel is a registered Australian business which began operation in 2008. We've sold over $40 million in round the world airfares. We're an AFTA and IATA member, click to find out more about our background.


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