Etihad Airways is based in Abu Dhabi and was established by royal decree in 2003.  The name is derived from the Arabic word for ‘union’.


The airline operates more than 1,000 flights each week to more than 90 destinations across the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas.  In 2012 Etihad carried more than 10 million passengers, making it the fourth largest airline in the Middle East, and second largest in the United Arab Emirates (after Emirates).

EY B787 Dreamliner OK


Etihad has a fleet of of 101 Airbus and Boeing aircraft, the majority being the Airbus A320-200, A330-200 and Boeing 777-300.

Cabin Classes

Etihad has a number of cabin classes including; The Residence (A380 only), First Class Apartment (A380 only), First Class Suite (not A380), Business Studio and Economy Smart Seat.  The Residence is the only three-room suite in the sky and it is said to be the most luxurious living space in the air.

The Residence is featured on the on Airbus A380s, and is designed for up to two people travelling together.  At a size of 125 sq ft it has a living room, double bedroom and ensuite shower room.  Features include a 60 inch two-seat reclining sofa, 32 inch TV screen and an 82 inch long, 47 inch wide double bed.  The Residence promises to be a truly unique travel experience right from the start of your trip with chauffeur service, private check-in and lounge plus a personal butler and chef on-board the flight.

Etihad Residence, Lounge Room

Etihad Residence, Lounge Room

First Class on Airbus A380s is known as the First Class Apartments. There are nine apartments in total, configured as one on either side of a single aisle, and take up a total area of 39 square feet. Each apartment features a 30 inch wide reclining chair which opens out to an 81 inch long bed, a full length ottoman, 24 inch TV screen, vanity cabinet with lighting and space for your personal effects, chilled drinks cabinet and a wardrobe.  A companion can join you for a meal or meeting in your apartment or when travelling with a partner the divider between apartments can be lowered to join the rooms.

Etihad First Class  Apartment.

Etihad, First Class Apartment.

Freshen up before your arrival with an exclusive amenities kit and a shower in the First Class bathroom.  There is a chauffeur service offered here too, as with the Residence, offered in 30 cities worldwide.  At Abu Dhabi International Airport, guests are greeted curbside by a Porter and Concierge before being escorted to a dedicated First Class Check-In.  You can enjoy Etihad’s First Class Lounge with a range of complimentary treatments in the Six Senses Spa.

The First Class alternative on the Boeing 787-9s feature eight First Class suites to accommodate the narrower aircraft. The service includes a 26 inch wide reclining lounge chair which converts into an 80 inch fully flat bed, dining table and a 24 inch TV screen. There is a personal wardrobe, chilled drinks cabinet and total privacy with high sliding doors.  Again, the Etihad chauffeur service is available to you along with all the features of Abu Dhabi Airport described above.

Etihad claims that their Business Studio Class is out of the ordinary and equivalent to First Class on other airlines, and certainly the airline has many fans who will attest to this.  The Business Studio is on both aircraft types, with 70 seats on the Airbus A380s and 28 on the Boeing 787-9s, with direct aisle access, convenient storage spaces and mood lighting. The studio seats include a 22 inch wide reclining chair, which converts into a fully flat bed up to 80 inches in length, and an 18 inch TV screen.  Extra ground services include Etihad’s chauffeur drive, access to the Business Class lounge and in Abu Dhabi, treatments at the Six Senses Spa.  If landing in Abu Dhabi you can take advantage of the Arrivals Lounge to take a shower and have your clothes pressed.

EY Busns Studio OK

Economy Smart seats have a 17 – 19 inch wide seat, with a 31 to 33 inch pitch and 6 inch recline. There is a fixed-wing headrest and adjustable lumbar support also.  There is an 11 inch touch screen, fitted with Etihad’s entertainment system. There are 417 Smart Seats on the A380 in a 3-4-3 configuration and there are 199 Smart Seats in the B787, in a 3-3-3 configuration.  Remain connected with mobile and internet access.  Passengers staying in Dubai can check-in for their flight from Abu Dhabi at the Etihad Travel Mall and take a complimentary coach service to the airport.

Family Travel

Something a bit different that parents travelling with children will appreciate.  Etihad employs ‘Flying Nannies’ to help entertain and care for your little ones during your flight, easing the pressure on you.  They are fully qualified and ready to provide an extra pair of hands – whether it’s helping to get the children settled for bed, keeping them entertained with their goodie bag of games and activities or simply offering advice and support to parents.

Airline Partners

Whilst Etihad is not a member of any major airline alliance it does have codeshare agreements with many other carriers including Air Berlin, Air Serbia, All Nippon Airways, American Airlines, Cyprus Airways, Brussels Airlines, Jet Airways, Korean Air, Malaysia Airlines, Philippine Airlines, SriLankan Airlines and Virgin Australia.  The partnership with Virgin has opened up many destinations across Australia and the Pacific, then on to Asia and the Americas for Etihad customers.  Additionally the two airlines will share their frequent flyer benefits.

Fact Sheet:

Hub City: Abu Dhabi
Frequent Flyer Program: Etihad Guest
Airport Lounge: Etihad Premium
Fleet Size: 101
Destinations: 120