Picking the right business class product is an important consideration. All deals should be weighed up with product in mind and aligning your expectations to the price you’re paying. Our expert consultants know all the ins and outs of business class product and can help point you in the right direction to weigh up all the pros and cons.

Some points to consider…
Are the beds fully flat? Fully flat beds are progressively being rolled out by most airlines and really make a huge difference to your ability to sleep onboard.
If they are angled beds are they being used on a day flight or a night flight? If it achieves a dollar saving a day flight with an angled bed, on an airline like Thai Airways, Malaysia Airlines or Lufthansa, can be absolutely fine as you’re unlikely to want to sleep for a significant amount of time.
How much width do I need? With the move to fully flat beds on most carriers the trade off has been in the width department, upgrades to first class may achieve additional width and space.
How important are frequent flyer points? It is often worth going for the cheapest deal with good business class product and forgetting about frequent flyer point loyalty. After all, in today’s economy cash is king.
Do you need internal flights in business class? You may be able to look at some internal flights in economy to achieve a significant cash saving, particularly through Asia and North America.

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